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Bible Time Verses

Experience The Bible in a whole new way, uniquely aligned with the time of day. Swipe forward and backward through Bible Time, select your favorite Bible Time Verses, and share Bible Time Verses with family, friends, and co-workers.


Bible Time Widget

For the best possible Bible Time experience add the Bible Time widget to your home screen, then check the Bible Time widget whenever you check your phone or tablet. Let The Holy Word of God transform your life-One Bible Time Verse at a Time


Bible Time Wheel

Set the Bible Time Wheel to any Bible Time Verse you want to study or simply spin the Bible Time Wheel and see where it lands!

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Bible Time/Selected Verses

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Choose between 12/24 hour formats

Choose the Default Widget setting for Widget Verses preselected by Bible Time.

Choose the Random Widget setting if you prefer a completely random Bible Time Widget Experience. 

Select Pause to remain on any Bible Time and then Resume to continue through Bible Time.


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Bible Time/Selected Verses

Share and Contact

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Bible Time/Selected Verses

Bible Time/Selected Verses

Bible Time/Selected Verses

Bible Time Verses appear with Red Verse Headings and correspond to the current time. 

Whenever a Bible Time Verse is not available, a Selected Verse will automatically appear in the Widget, and on the App Verses Page. 

Selected Verses appear with Blue Verse Headings and will-not correspond with the current time.  

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